Deepfake technology can be dangerous if misused

Deepfake technology is amazing, synthetic media amuse the audience. However, deepfake can be dangerous if misused.

Deepfake technology can be dangerous if misused

Deepfake has undergone some scrutiny lately owing to whether it is safe to use or not. The technology is making it difficult for internet users to tell whether the information they see online is true or not.

However, the good intentions are undoubtedly fantastic. Deepfake can be used to create amazing things, fun and entertaining videos and pictures.

Since most internet users easily believe the information they see online without confirming if they're true or not, then deepfake could pose a threat for manipulating what people see and read.

What Are Deepfakes Used For?

The word "Deepfake" is a combination of two separate words known as "Deep" and "Fake(Not True)". It is a technological model or concept that leverages deep learning (artificial intelligence) to produce contents that are fake or unreal for the purpose of it.

Some Good Use Of Deepfake

Today, many believe the concept seeks to deceive people with manipulated images, pictures, videos, and other fake contents. And that, people who create deepfake contents intend to make fake things look real, but this is not completely true.

With the use of FaceMagic app, you can easily create a deepfake of yourself and your family for the fun of it with zero malicious intentions.

It is no longer new that the movie industry (Hollywood) has used Deepfake technology to create special characters, effects and animations in many scenes.

Also in the Music and other entertainment industries, deepfake technology has been used to mimic and create celebrity deepfakes.

Tom Cruise's Deepfake that got a sensational engagement recently on TikTok with millions of views happened to be a wow for many people to believe it was real. So, deepfake can be used to create amazing things.

Some Bad Use Of Deepfake

Deepfake is also being used for malicious purposes, which makes it unsafe and risky. This usually creates a platform to make fake things look real, spread fake news and other bad purposes, including the following.

  • Scamming and hoaxing.
  • For financial frauds.
  • As celebrity deepfake pornography.
  • For election manipulation.
  • For social engineering and social media disinformation attacks.
  • As identity theft.
  • To threaten cybersecurity.

Among many others, it could be used for personal and corporate robbery. A lot of people's reputations have been negatively impacted due to the malicious intent of using deepfake.

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How To Protect Yourself Against Deepfake Contents

Although, it's usually hard for ordinary internet users to detect deepfake contents. Here are some tips to protect you against them as individuals.

  • If you’re watching a video, seeing a picture or reading content online, be sure it’s from a reliable source before judging it or sharing it with your friends. Body deepfake could be a perfect tool to trick your mind.
  • When someone calls you — claiming he's a CEO of a company or your boss, ensure you're convinced enough before affirming it's true because voice deepfake can be used to deceive you.
  • Do not trust or believe everything you see on the internet. Social media is full of information from different sources with different intentions.


Knowing whether deepfake is safe or not is a matter of what you know about it and what it is used for. Depending on the intentions like Tom Cruise deepfake, it could be used for reasonable things and as well, for malicious things.

And if you intend to use someone's properties, as most people do to create celebrity deepfake with their images, videos, voice and body parts, ensure you get their permission and state your intentions while using them. Share your deepfake videos online.