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FaceMagic was created to shake up the repetitive selfie game. It is an AI-based face swap app powered by deepfake technology that lets you swap your face on gifs, videos, photos, and whatnot. Simply upload any photo or video of someone else's face (or your own) and FaceMagic will instantly transform it into something cool - like a zombie or blue alien!

This app has been getting a lot of deserved hype on social media. People love it because it can make them look like any character they want in their photos and videos.

We realized that face swap technology has reached a point where it can be used as more than just an entertainment app - and so they built FaceMagic to broaden the possibilities of these new technologies.

FaceMagic’s mission is to be a fun and educational tool that will show people the amazing capabilities of this new technology.

People just love using FaceMagic around their friends. They love sending them videos and photos of each other with a huge grin on their face. This app proves that AI has reached a point where it can create realistic looking images and videos in an easy to use application - which is what makes it so revolutionary.

The TechMgzn article "This app lets you swap your face onto another persons" covers the latest features, features that FaceMagic will bring to the market, and how these features will benefit users. This includes a system that connects with Facebook, so that one can see who's in their photo and video album as a character. There will be an AI animator which can swap faces of people within a set distance (preferably close), and even give them clothing options.