AI deep faking, how FaceMagic make you a star?


Since deep faking technology appeared, many voices raised accusing that this technology will only be abusively used.

This at some point maybe true, but in fact every technology may be used with the right or wrong usage, and it is not reasonable to prohibit any new technology just because some users are abusive users.

In media section and movie industry, deep faking will help the producers to make better choice on deciding on which actor may be better for this or that role, so with low-cost actor they may make some primitive scenes and with the use of deep faking technology and trying on more than one of candidate's faces to make the best decision.

facemagic app face swap

Do you want to be the Terminator or Godfather?

A lot of us wondered what if Sylvester Stallone was the Terminator instead of Arnold Schwarzenegger, or what if Robert De Niro was Michael Corleone.

Well, if you wish to see your favorite actor becoming the star of your favorite movie or even make yourself the star, with FaceMagic you can make this wish true.

The app is available on both Android and IOS phones, and all you need is a photo of your face to be uploaded, the uses its algorithms to scan the original face and the target face and the swap operations very easy with stunning result.

With FaceMagic you don’t need to do the long boring training process or provide many sources videos to train the face different angels and expressions, the application is cables to measure the facial characteristics and dimensions they magically apply it on the target face.

facemagic deepfake

Updates and improvements

Since first time I used this app “a year ago” I noticed that the quality of face swapping improved especially in some hard or side face angles where other deep faking apps failed to provide same quality, in addition to other facial expressions and mouth movement that matches the original video and gives the face swapping a realistic result.

Concerning the app's interface, I found it very friendly interface and easy to use, also the app development team improved the internal browser where user can arrange the content by type of files “All, Videos, GIFs or Photos”.

Also, the premium users can bind their email with their account and access the user account and library from any other device.

facemagic app deepfake, faceswap


AI based face swapping apps are much in-demand now, and Facemagic proved it is ability to compete other popular apps improved quality and cooperative support team.