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It is rare that any competitors of FaceMagic downloads can offer you such an amazing user experience as FaceMagic does. It makes it super easy to create content, and it also lets you share your content without any hassle.

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If you are also interested in creating some high-quality face swap videos, we want to introduce you to a perfect face changer app that you can use. Here, we are talking about the FaceMagic app that leverages AI and allows you to replace faces on the videos of your choice. The FaceMagic face swap was released in May 2021 and within such a short time since its inception, it has secured over 1 million downloads. Even in the well-established competition, the numbers of FaceMagic downloads are quite mind-blowing.

Thus, we decided to look into the app in-depth to introduce you to it well. If you are as curious as we are to know what other features are provided with FaceMagic app downloads, stay with us until the end of this FaceMagic review.

Features of the FaceMagic face swap

To know the core benefits of the FaceMagic app download, we will go through its features. Furthermore, we will also have a look into the pros and cons of this face changer app.

1. Upload faces with selfies

FaceMagic app

Once you are done with the process of the FaceMagic app download, you are ready to create some fun content. After providing the required permissions to run the app, you can upload a simple selfie to its database for the app’s AI to detect your face. This face will be used on the videos where you choose to swap the faces of characters. You will be amazed by the accuracy that this face swap photoshop app offers.

2. Create dramatic videos

FaceMagic app

This replace-face in video app allows you to become the star of any video and bring a new twist into the drama. Be it Titanic, Avengers, or any favorite show of your choice, just search the database and replace your face. So, get on board with this entertainment app and create some fun content within minutes.

3. Make texting more entertaining

FaceMagic app

With the help of this best face swap app’s AI features, you can even create your own GIFs with your face over them to share them via texts. You can make funny faces, teasing faces, romantic faces, or any expression that you want to get people addicted to talking to you.

4. Share your videos on social networks

FaceMagic app

It is super easy to share videos from this best face swap app to your social media platforms like TikTok, Instagram, or Facebook among others. Not only videos, but you can also create memes and GIFs to share directly with your friends via texts. Just find the share option with the prepared content and choose your preferred platform where you want to share the media file.

5. Supports swapping faces of all group members

In a group video, you can detect faces and leverage the deepfake technology that you get when you download FaceMagic. This face changer app lets you replace the faces of multiple people at once so you can create content quickly and easily.

Pros and cons of the FaceMagic app

Moving forward, to make this FaceMagic review more accurate, we will have a look at the pros and cons of this face swap app. Later, we will go through the specification section of this FaceMagic app review.

Pros of FaceMagic

  • No registration required
  • Download or share content directly from the app
  • Create as many short videos as you want
  • Allows face-swapping on all members of groups
  • Your data remains private and only you can access it
  • Supports direct sharing of content to social media platforms

Cons of FaceMagic

  • You have to pay to use your own videos

Additional features of the FaceMagic app

Additional features

MAD rating

Features- 4.7
Navigation- 4.5
Pricing- 4.2
Security- 4.6

Wrapping up

The FaceMagic app is easily your answer to the question “how to put your face on a video?”. It is rare that any competitors of FaceMagic downloads can offer you such an amazing user experience as FaceMagic does. It makes it super easy to create content, and it also lets you share your content without any hassle.

You can become a social media star or the funniest one in group conversations, all with the help of videos and memes that you can generate with FaceMagic. Also, its ability to leverage AI to create quite amazing results is the fact that we found most impressive in this FaceMagic app review. So, give the app a shot without thinking twice!

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