Most Impressive Celebrity Deepfakes

1. Justin Beiber 2. Reface Jennifer Lawrence 3. Elon Musk 4. Gal Gadot 5. Jamie Foxx into Micheal B. Jordan 6. Emily Clarke 7. Scarlett Johansson 9. Kim Carrey

Elon Musk deepfake, face swap with Brad Pitt by FaceMagic

Deepfakes have been taking the world by storm as of late. Ever since the term “deepfake '' came about in late 2017 after a Reddit user mounted the heads of well-known actresses on people in adult videos the issue of celebrity deepfakes and celebrity face swaps has been at the tip of everyone’s tongues. In 2018, Buzzfeed published a celebrity deepfake video of Barack Obama that highlighted just how dangerous fake celeb videos could be if the celebrity is a politician. In the deepfake in question, Obama points out the dangers of deepfakes and describes Donald Trump as a "complete idiot".

Since that video’s release, celebrity deepfakes have become more and more convincing. It is getting increasingly harder to tell when a fake celebrity video is actually fake or a product of deepfake AI algorithms. We’ve compiled a list of images from various deepfake videos that show off just how good face swapping AI has become recently. Not only have deepfake videos become more convincing, but creating convincing face swap images of celebrities has become much easier with apps such as FaceMagic. With FaceMagic you can face swap any celebrity and make convincing fake images of celebrities to impress your friends and family. Let’s dive into what deepfakes and FaceMagic is capable of;

Justin Beiber into Arnold Schwarzenegger

Justin Beiber deepfake by FaceMagic

Canada meets Austria in this bizarre deepfake! Arnold juxtaposed onto Justin’s figure just makes this a very strange face swap that makes it look like Arnold is going through a pretty hefty midlife crisis. But you know what? We’re not mad at this deepfake, Arnold should definitely consider going blonde and secretly becoming a Canadian pop singer in his spare time.

Jennifer Lawrence into William Dafoe

Jennifer Lawrence deepfake by FaceMagic
Jennifer Lawrence deepfake by FaceMagic

Both William and Jennifer are known for their striking looks. Not exactly for the same reason, but for their striking looks regardless. This celebrity faceswap brings a smile to our faces everytime we see it. It reminds us that deepfakes aren’t always as evil as society tries to make them seem but rather they can be used for a bit of AI humor from time to time. Thank goodness FaceMagic has us covered.

Elon Musk into Brad Pitt

Elon Musk deepfake by FaceMagic

Elon Musk and Brad Pitt definitely don’t seem like people you’d think look suprisingly alike, but strangely enough they actually do. Deepfakes are especially powerful tools when they utilitize people that already look somewhat similar. We should start watching out, next thing there’s going to be entire deepfake videos made swapping Elon onto Brad Pitt. We’d love to see Elon in ‘Fight Club’.

Aubrey Plaza into Gal Gadot

Gal Gadot deepfake by FaceMagic

Aubrey and Gal Gadot are also a surprisingly similar duo that we only found out through the magic of deepfakes. With the FaceMagic app we could have alot of fun throwing around Wonder Woman into Parks and Recreations episodes. That’s a celebrity face swap we would definitely pay to see.

Jamie Foxx into Micheal B. Jordan

Michael Jordon deepfake by FaceMagic

Jamie Foxx and Micheal B. Jordan are undoubtedly some of the most attractive men on TV today, making a faceswap video of them is quite literally trying to get every female around the world to download FaceMagic just so they can swap out pictures of their boyfriends with pictures of them with Micheal B. Foxx.

Emily Clarke into Brie Larson

Emily Clark deepfake by FaceMagic

We honestly wouldn’t be mad if Brie Larson had been cast as the Mother of Dragons in Game of Thrones. This deepfake might make casting decisions a lot easier in the future. Production studios might even start using random actors for cheap and using deepfakes to face swap big name celebrities into the film. That’s a pretty terrifying potential reality for all the actors out there. Fake celebrity pictures and videos may revolutionize film as we know it.

Scarlett Johansson into Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift face swapped with Scarlett Johansson

Taylor might not exactly be pleased to see her being thrown into deepfakes, but we know audiences want to be able to see what it would be like if Black Widow could just “Shake it Off” once in a while. It’s amazing how deepfake AI is even able to track the makeup of subjects and accurately apply it to the face swapped subject. The complexity of the algorithms coming from apps like FaceMagic is mind-boggling.

Jim Carrey into Brad Pitt

Jim Carry and Brad Pitt deepfake by FaceMagic

It’s amazing to see how 2 icons that made our childhoods or youths in general are aging so well. The comedy star Jim Carrey is no stranger to deepfakes for everyone that remembers The Mask, they’ll know Jim can pull off having a new face like it’s nothing. Face swapping is almost second nature to people like Carrey. We’re sure Brad Pitt might not feel the same, but he’ll warm up to being the subject of many FaceMagic celebrity face swaps.