How to Download and Use FaceMagic App

A step-by-step guide on how to use FaceMagic app on the smartphone.cdcs

How to Download and Use FaceMagic App

Below is a step-by-step guide on how to download and use the FaceMagic app on the smartphone, kindly written by

TIPSANDROID.ID – Who doesn’t know the Reface App? Reface App is a sophisticated application that is able to change the face of a person in a video into someone else’s face. This application is very easy to use because it includes an Artificial Intelligence (AI) application that uses Deep Fake technology.

If you often see videos whose faces have been changed. So it’s possible that the video is the result of editing the Reface App. Well this time we’re not going to talk about the Reface App. However, we will share a video face changer application other than reface on android. So you can not only use the reface application to change the face on the video. Because my friend can still use the FaceMagic application.

FaceMagic is an AI Face Swap application that functions to swap faces in videos. At first glance, the FaceMagic application is almost the same as the Reface App. However, the FaceMagic application is still relatively new. So do not be surprised if this application is still downloaded more than 500 thousand by android users. Okay, here we will show you how to use the FaceMagic application. Instead of lingering, please see the method below!!

1. Please download and install the FaceMagic application on your android smartphone.

Download the FaceMagic App via Google Play Store

2. After the application is installed, just open it. Tap Get started.

FaceMagic Applications Change People’s Face Videos Other Than Reface 2

3. Then you will be shown several videos by category. Select the video you want to change the face.

4. Next, please change the video face with another face as you wish.

5. Finally, my friend can select create and wait until the process is complete.

6. So congratulations my friend has succeeded in changing the face of the video with the FaceMagic application

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