Top 10 Best Faceswaps from FaceMagic

1. Classic Elon Musk face swap with iron-man 2. Captain Loki 3. Super Spider-Man 4. Icons 5. Zayn Malik 6. Jungkook Minaj 7. Match Made in Heaven 8. Kylie Buscemi 9. JAM 10. The boys after listening to Lil Nas X’s new album

facemagic face swap

The internet's obsession with utilizing Photoshop and other picture altering tools for humorous effect is commonly recognised. While face swapping in photography isn't new, you don't need Photoshop these days to play with people's heads and generate those vile memes! On their mobile device, anyone may change faces using SnapChat or other easy programs. It's never been simpler to exchange faces with other people, dogs, cats, sculptures, and, if you're really into it, even your refrigerator.

Face swapping has existed in some shape or another for quite some time. Snapchat and Instagram have a feature that allows you to take a snapshot while exchanging your face with friends or relatives, but there’s really no better app that does face swaps like FaceMagic. Here we’re going to look at the top 10 best face swaps that really put a smile on our face!

#10 The boys after listening to Lil Nas X’s new album

Looks like the boys needed a bit of pampering after Lil Nas X released MONTERO. What’s wrong with a little bit of self-care?

#9 JAM

We all loved Jim and Pam on The Office, but who would’ve thought we’d ship them LIKE THIS! I think we’re more mad at the fact this face swap works too well and it’s absolutely hilarious.

#8 Kylie Buscemi

Kylie is an absolute catch, and Steve Buscemi is well… a beloved actor. So when we saw this face swap we really didn’t know how to feel other than complete shock that someone had the crazy idea to even try this!

#7 Match Made in Heaven

Emma Watson and Marilyn Monroe are a match made in heaven in all honesty. These two complement eachother so well you’d be willing to propose just the idea of this face swap. Thank goodness FaceMagic let’s our imagination run wild.

#6 Jungkook Minaj

Ok hold on, can we please take a minute to acknowledge that Jungkook as Nicki Minaj works a bit too well? It looks like our little Jungkook could definitely consider a side career as Nicki’s double on tours. We really wouldn’t mind.

#5 How to make the best better

You would probably spend weeks trying to think of ways to make Zayn Malik more attractive and you’d come up with nothing. Until now. Nick Jonas on Zayn Malik’s body probably made every teenage girl that saw this picture drop from pure lovelust.

#4 Icons

Amy Winehouse and Micheal Jackson are two massive music icons that were taken away from us way too soon, but we love them regardless, and we know they’d laugh up a storm to see themselves face swapped and how hilarious it came out. We’ll never forget these two.

#3 Super Spider-Man

At this point, Tom Holland might as well be the Superman of the Marvel universe. He’s brought so much life into the Spider-Man franchise that we don’t know where we’d be without him. This face swap just feels so fitting for his character.

#2 Captain Loki

This just feels wrong to the character, but the faceswap is just so right. Congratulations to FaceMagic for pulling off literal ‘face magic’ on these characters. This looks so natural, you wouldn’t even be blamed for not being able to tell this isn’t some new alternate universe Captain America.

#1 Tony Musk

We all know Elon Musk wishes he could be a real life Iron Man. He has the money and the crazy inventor attitude to get it done and look just as awesome doing it. We’re pretty sure he has some underground bunker where his Iron Man suit is being secretly built.