Deepfake Technology: What To Know About FaceSwap

Get to know about the technology behind the AI face swap app FaceMagic: deepfake. "Deepfakes are synthetic media in which a person in an existing image or video is replaced with someone else's likeness."

Deepfake Technology: What To Know About FaceSwap
Deepfake technology

Deepfake technology is becoming popular among internet users today. A model with FaceSwap concept that enables people to swap their faces with others without any hassle using FaceMagic app.

The idea of face-swapping has been around since 2000 using photoshop to do image face swap. However, in 2014, mobile apps were launched to help people automatically face-swap their faces with other people's images or pictures of animals.

In this article, we'll discuss what Deepfake is all about, how it is applied using FaceMagic App to create FaceSwap and its benefits.

FaceSwap App AI FAQ

What is A Deepfake?

Deepfake is an artificial intelligence algorithm model that enables FaceMagic app to make FaceSwap enabling changes to people's faces with their images or a video for the fun of it.

This deep learning model uses auto-encoder and decoder pairs to extract and reconstruct face images so that it becomes easy for people to generate unique swapping image ideas. It is the idea that makes it possible for FaceSwap.

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How To Do FaceSwap Using FaceMagic App.

Face swapping is an easy in-app activity that helps you to change or replace your image with another person. Below are a few steps to help you to do FaceSwap yourself.

  • Download FaceMagic app, it's a free Deepfake mobile application. Select an image from your mobile phone's Gallery, or simply switch to your camera and take a selfie to upload to the app.
  • Choose another image of the person you wish to use, this might be your wife, husband, dog, kid, or even your favorite celebrity's picture or a cartoon.
  • Select and upload the image on the app and click on the Swap icon to begin the magic.
  • View the effect immediately and check for any adjustments.

You can also find a detailed guide here.

Deepfake technology is also applied in other areas like body deepfake also helps in body-swapping, you can also play around to check for further advanced effects on the app.

Benefits of Using Deepfake For FaceSwap

Deepfake technology comes with amazing benefits that are full of fun and excitement among users across the globe. The Benefits are:

  • Deepfake is unique in the entertainment world. It enables people to have the fun of face-swapping themselves.
  • It broadens people's ideas about fake things. People can easily do research on an idea or information before authenticating its genuineness.
  • It helps people suffering from speaking disabilities to speak through the voice Deepfakes.
  • It allows for interactive content for online learning programs or courses.
  • It's an easy tool to change or affect the dialogue in a video without needing to reshoot the video again.


Deepfake technology uses its technology to develop an online artificial intelligence (AI) application known as FaceMagic that uses a special algorithm to swap people's faces with different images or videos.

Since it has become popular among internet users, many have used it positively to entertain loved ones. However, there are negative aspects of using the idea. People have used the model to create problems and influence bad intentions, to create not safe for work(NSFW) content like pornography. It's obvious the idea is getting modified and improved for better use.

Deepfake is a great model that can provide brilliant features if used in the right way. It'll eventually turn out to be beneficial in many ways by keeping the best intentions in mind.